Dr. Jennifer Long presents "Opportunities in International Development"
Study abroad participant Will Thompson visited Uruguay
Global Programs Graduate International Travel Award recipient Diego Barcellos
Veloso Wallick Scholarship recipient Sarah DeLoach
CAES Global Citizen Award recipient Charnae Jeanine Ross

International Agriculture Day Reception 2013

By Merritt Melancon
University of Georgia

The CAES celebrated its third annual International Day on April 23rd, 2013. Dr. Jennifer ‘Vern’ Long, Senior International Agriculture Research Advisor, USAID/Bureau for Food Security, Office of Agriculture, Research & Policy, was the keynote speaker. Dr. Long’s talk focused on the event’s theme, “opportunities in international development,” how it relates to USAID Feed the Future (FtF) initiatives which address the global challenge of achieving sustainable food security, and ways to become involved in Feed the Future capacity development and agricultural innovation systems.

CAES students Anna Savelle (BSA Poultry and Dairy Science) and Will Thompson (MS Candidate, Agricultural and Applied Economics) participated in the program. Anna shared photos and discussed highlights of her numerous study abroad experiences. Will (below) presented on his study abroad trip to Uruguay for a sustainable beef and grain production class and his plans to participate in the Masters International program through the Peace Corps.

The Global Programs Graduate International Travel Award was given to Diego Barcellos. The Veloso/Wallick Scholarship was awarded to Sarah DeLoach, MS Candidate, Agricultural Leadership. The CAES Global Citizen Award was presented to Charnae Jeanine Ross, BSA Food Science. During the event, guests were asked to vote for their favorite submissions to the Ag Abroad Photo Contest. Cash prizes were awarded to the winners: Amina Foon, Will Thompson, and Xinyue ‘Luna’ Zhang.

Guest Speaker

Dr. Jennifer (Vern) Long
Senior International Agricultural Research Advisor
United States Agency for International Development

Presentation: "Opportunities in International Development"

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